Wholesale Beef Prices

We are currently selling whole live a steers. We often can accommodate 1/2 steers as well. We will just pair you with another Custome that is looking to share a steer. 

The price is $2.50 per pound live weight or on the hoof. We take cash or credit card at the time of purchase.
Then you can take your steer to your own processor or do it yourself, or we can take your steer to the processor we use and you can pay him to kill, cut and package the meat.

We will help you with your cut sheet so it’s cut the way you want it. 
For example: 1 or 2 pound packages of ground beef, how thick do you want the steaks cut and so on.


For Direct Sales Contact Dawn Palmer @ 321-848-7217 or sales@circlepbarranch.com